Passion is the driving force in Sonisha's life. She is a marketer turned culinary chef and recipe developer, proudly owning NutmegSpiced. As she perused her old journals, she stumbled upon a dream from years ago—an aspiration to open a Caribbean bakery.

It's quite amusing because she isn't a baker or pastry chef (but Sonisha is known for dreaming big!). Back then, she couldn't have fathomed that this day would arrive, especially considering her primary focus has always been on health and wellness through her other company, Juice Wealthy. Baking wasn't a significant aspect of her culinary management and nutrition studies at George Brown College. The concept of "healthy desserts" seemed paradoxical to her. Nonetheless, regardless of how nutritious her diet was, Sonisha firmly believed in the importance of balance and the joy derived from indulging in an exceptional dessert now and then.

Her enduring passion revolves around creating pastries and desserts that transport her back to her roots, reminding her of home. It's a source of immense pleasure for her.



Sonisha's upbringing in Grenada wasn't always easy, which is why NutmegSpiced holds such profound personal significance. It provides her with an opportunity to reminisce about and share the happiest moments of her childhood by recreating her favorite treats.

From birth to about 8/9 years old she lived in Mt Rich, St Patrick’s. She resided with an aunt on her father’s side in Creighton St Paul’s, St George before migrating to Canada around the age of 12.

In Grenada, Christmas was always a magical time. The fragrance of cakes baking in the oven, the preparation of sorrel and ginger beer—these memories evoke some of her fondest moments. Spices like nutmeg, bergamot, and cinnamon, among others, created a sensory symphony that awakened her senses. Grenada, known as the Spice Island, boasts one of the world's largest nutmeg productions. Through NutmegSpiced, Sonisha aims to celebrate and pay tribute to this rich heritage.

She invites everyone to join her on this culinary journey, embracing the flavors and warmth of Grenada, one delectable treat at a time. #nutmegspiced