Posted by Sonisha Paul on

My name is Sonisha and I am the CEO/Founder of NutmegSpiced Bakery. I have been in business for the last year and a half and have been working from my commercial kitchen which most would call it a "ghost kitchen".
About 3 years ago I have cleaned out my savings and have invested solely in the commercial kitchen and right now I am in limbo because most of you are asking for a storefront. I must admit, it took me a really long time to see this vision. However, having a storefront will make a lot of things easier and convenient for you.
To have the storefront put into action, I would definitely need the support from you to make this a reality.
Coming forward like this by asking for help is way out of my character and is a humbling experience - but I'll do almost anything for my customers who wants to support me.
If you as in anyone who would like for this dream to come true is willing to help contribute for this cause, this can go really far to the point of not only being in a position to hire people who are in need of work, invest in better equipment and machinery to increase production outputs, renovation for the new place but overall to help grow the community by providing more services and expanding the company where more people can benefit from seeing this company grow. 
Any help and support is greatly appreciated. As long as we are able to reach our goal, it would put things into motion...  foreseeable next year.