Grenadian cut-cake/ coconut roll
Cut-cake slice on a plate with fork
Grenadian cut-cake/ coconut roll
Cut-cake slice on a plate with fork


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Our classic cut-cake is a handmade soft, moist and super-rich coconut roll with a strong/ generous perfect filling. This roll is handcrafted with care and is made from a rich pastry crust filled with fresh shredded coconut cooked with unique authentic Grenadian flavours & spices. One slice of cut-cake is all it takes of this pastry to rekindle feeling of tropical pleasures.

Quantity of 3 or 10 slices.

Made fresh to order with 100% fresh grated coconut.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Water, Butter, Salt, Red food colouring, Fresh Shredded Coconut, Spices, Flavouring.

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Customer Reviews

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N David

I've tasted other cut cakes and they can never compare to this one. First the taste ,sooooo good, there is filling in each bite, it's moist...I could go on and on. I literally can't stop at just one a day. You will never be disappointed I PROMISE you.

Stacy Dythe

Mine done within 2 days. It's the best I've ever had. Second to none. I can't really give a long review as I'm starting to crave it mmm The more i think about it the more i want it. P.S. it was shipped to me (Alberta) and it maintained the same great taste

Gloria Smith
Holy Cow!

This is by far the best coconut roll I’ve ever had. I had it growing up but nothing like this. Shipping was quick and it was well packaged. I could taste the freshness and spices in the first bite. I appreciate your generous filling…moist and soft crust. I’ll be ordering again for Thanksgiving.