"I haven't ordered in a while and so tried some of the newer items first...EVERYTHING was amazing!! Girl, if I could invest in you, I would!

The currant roll was to die for, the pastry was perfect, and the currants were moist and delicious!

The rum cake is the best I've ever had, I loved the pudding-like texture & flavour! The groundnut sugar cake was just the right sweetness and it definitely has real ginger! The coconut drop (I know it as rock bun) was the perfect texture, I used to make these and this is way better! :)I was already a fan of the cutcake, coconut tart and fudge. I am a loyal customer for life!!"


"First thing you should know is that I am a pastry snob. Second thing you should know is that cheese straw is my favourite savoury snack. Third thing you should know is that you perfected your recipe. It is the perfect texture and what makes it even better is that it is not at all salty like ALL the others I have tried. For that reason, it was hard not to eat the whole box, but I did anyway lol!!! Should have ordered 2 boxes, since it is my favourite, but was not sure if I would have liked it. Now I know. I also have to say that to me presentation is everything, and as such, you mastered it; from the packaging to the layout of the pastries in the box, and the beautiful card. Every detail was on point, and pleasing to the eyes. Thank you!!!"


"I am here to write a review on NutmegSpiced. The desserts were absolutely delicious. You definitely won't be disappointed. I ordered the rum cake, pudding and fudge. All desserts exceeded my expectation. The flavours of the spices from the pudding danced on my taste buds. The rum cake was perfect texture and was extremely moist and flavorful. The fudge was extremely rich in flavour. Anyone who is curious, please take this testimony as the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the customer service was awesome. My mother who is a harsh critic from the island of Grenada, was impressed by the desserts. I will definitely purchase from NutmegSpiced in the future!!!! From: A very satisfied customer."

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