NutmegSpiced is where Grenadian desserts meet evolution! We are a 100% Grenadian-owned bakery ran by culinary chef & recipe developer, Sonisha. We specialize in authentic Grenadian desserts made with premium ingredients - some in which are imported from Spice Island Grenada. Our primary focus is to serve quality baked goods, no exception.Β With meticulous attention to details to produce each treat, we take pride in the final quality keeping integrity small-batch made. Our goal is to bring familiarity while evoking wonderful memories that transcends all across the Caribbean as well as an introduction to the rest of the world. We are very service-oriented and our customers' satisfaction is one of our top priorities.


♣ Effective Services

♣ Integrity

♣ Quality

♣ Excellent client relationship

Humble beginnings

The business started accidentally. I grew up in Grenada until 11 years old, and then migrated here in Canada. I did not have the best childhood and so, the only great memories I had was through these treats. The treats bring out the passion and help me stay connected to "home" only remembering the good times. The desserts that I make are evolved versions of what I had as a child. As a culinary chef and a recipe developer, I was able to use my expertise to cultivate modern products that keep the true essence while bringing familiarity. It's a great pleasure that we have people travel from nearby cities to purchase our products because of how closely it reminds them of their childhood. All products are made with premium ingredients, which are imported from Grenada itself.


We reduce our carbon foot print by using paper for 80% of of packaging.


Some that are shipped from Grenada.

Customer support

Call us anytime at 437 328 3194.