Passion is what drives me! 

Welcome to NutmegSpiced, my bakery that started from nothing.

I was looking through one of my many journals from years ago where one of my dream was to open a Caribbean bakery. This is funny because I am not a baker or a pastry chef (can you tell that I dream BIG? LOL). 

I never thought this day would happen since I am devoted to health and wellness through my other company Juice Wealthy and baking wasn't a huge part of my program when I studied culinary management-Nutrition at George Brown College. I mean, "healthy desserts" isn't anywhere close to these treats. In fact, I always thought the idea of an "healthy dessert" to be an oxymoron but that's just me. No matter how well nutritionally I ate, there was always space for dessert...what's life without balance? Are you really living without having an amazing dessert every now and then? Not for me. No matter what I did, I couldn't give up on this passion of mine...making pastries and other desserts that reminded me of "home". It gives me so much pleasure! I didn't have the best childhood growing up so this company fills a void in an happy way. It gives me an opportunity to remember the good times.

​Christmas was my favourite time of the year when I lived in Grenada. I would smell the cakes baking in the oven, sorrel and ginger beer making. Spices such as nutmeg, bergamot, cinnamon just to name a few awaken some of my best childhood memories. Grenada is known as Spice Island, a small country with one of the largest production of nutmeg. #nutmegspiced.

Quality first

​My goal with NutmegSpiced is to bring pleasure and togetherness to everyone by recreating some of our favourite island treats such as coconut fudge, coconut tarts, groundnut sugar-cakes, cut-cake, black cake, sweet potato pudding & more. These treats were some of my childhood's favorites which are freshly handmade from scratch with skills that were self-taught at a very young age along with some of my culinary mastery.

​The smiles on my customers faces is what excites me most. I make sure to source the right blends of ingredients as well as using traditional techniques to bring authenticity to your lives right here in Toronto.

 Let NutmegSpiced be a part of your next event.