We kindly request orders to be placed online as we are unable to process telephone or in-person orders.

Enjoy the convenience of pre-ordering for pick-up, local delivery and Canada-wide shipping.

Our services include storefront window pick-ups and local deliveries, available from Thursday to Saturday. To ensure a smooth experience, please remember to place your order at least 48 hours in advance before your desired pickup or delivery date. For example, if you'd like your order on Thursday, make sure to place it no later than 6 PM on Tuesday.

Our local delivery option comes with a flat rate fee of $15, and varies depending on order size. Simply enter your postal code at checkout to avail of this service.


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Due to high demand, we recommend booking ahead to secure your treats on time. Your advance planning ensures the best experience with our delectable creations. We remove available dates when we’re booked.


We ship throughout Canada only.

All orders placed by Saturday 11:59 PM will be shipped by Wednesday. The dispatched date selected at the checkout.

All treats are baked fresh and shipped within the same day to ensure freshness and top quality.


Our walk up storefront window is open on Fridays & Saturdays at 11 AM with a limited menu. We are also available on ubereats on those days. If you are interested in ordering specific menu options, it’s best to pre-order.


Unfortunately, at this time, we're unable to accommodate custom orders. However, we invite you to explore our available products directly on our website and find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Contact: hello@nutmegspiced.ca