Grenadian cut-cake/ coconut roll
Cut-cake on a plate
Grenadian cut-cake/ coconut roll
Cut-cake on a plate


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Size 3 Slices

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Our classic cut-cake is a handmade soft, moist and super-rich coconut roll with a strong/ generous perfect filling. This roll is handcrafted with care and is made from a rich pastry crust filled with fresh shredded coconut cooked with unique authentic Grenadian flavours & spices. One slice is all it takes of this pastry to rekindle feeling of tropical pleasures.

Made fresh to order with 100% fresh grated coconut.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Water, Butter, Salt, Red food colouring, Fresh Shredded Coconut, Spices, Flavouring.

Sold in quantities of 3 or 10.

All treats are made fresh, cool, vaccum seal and are shipped by Wednesday. The cutoff for orders is Sundays 11:59 PM EST. All orders placed 12:00 AM Monday and later will be shipped by the following Wednesday of the next week.

We don’t cater for food allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions. All products are made in an environment that may handle gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy and alcohol. If you are deadly allergic or have specific dietary requirements, please do not order our products. Although our team takes all the necessary steps to ensure cross-contamination doesn't happen, however, there is always a risk that one of our products has come into contact with another product.